Where does your clothing come from?

Our collection is thoughtfully curated from a selection small independent brands as well as vintage and pre-loved clothing resources. New stock is added every week!

What is the difference between Antique, Vintage and Preloved clothing?

Our Vintage clothing is at least 20 years old and is guaranteed to be authentic vintage. We have over a decade’s worth of experience selling vintage clothing so each piece that is marked Vintage is 100% guaranteed to be vintage.

Our Pre-loved clothing is contemporary clothing that has lived a life prior to finding us. All pieces are in like-new condition.

Our New clothing is exactly that, brand-new, pristine and unworn.

Is your clothing sustainable? I’m very concerned about the environment.

Vintage and pre-loved garments are the most sustainable form of fashion as these are pieces that already exist, which means that no further resources have gone into their production. If sustainability is your focus when shopping for clothing then our Vintage and Pre-loved sections are perfect for you!

What sort of condition will your vintage and pre-loved clothing arrive to me in?

We meticulously clean each Pre-loved and Vintage item prior to it beginning its journey to you, according to the attached care labels or based on our 10+ years experience working with vintage clothing.  All of our Brand New garments are steamed prior to being folded and beautifully packaged for shipping. Your purchase will arrive in your postbox fresh and ready to wear!